Deployment Services

Our menu of services can be selected by our clients in an à la carte fashion and are priced per unit. Several of our services are included at no additional charge to our customers as they are deemed necessary to a successful deployment.

Many times our services are selected when our clients’ needs include a large number of assets being deployed in short period of time or when assets are spread out over a large geographical area.

To find out how Penn Tech Deployments can help your Information Technology Staff make your next Information Technology equipment deployment a more efficient and worry-free process please contact us.

  • Pre-deployment Meetings
    • A face-to-face meeting with the customer used to identify client needs, wants, and assumptions in order to develop a customized project plan prior to a deployment. This service is included in our pricing as a part of every project.
  • Project Management
    • Our management team employs the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. This service is included in our pricing as a part of every project.
  • Managed Logistics
    • Penn Tech Deployment’s 6000 square foot warehouse space and delivery capabilities are utilized to eliminate storage concerns and clutter at your location(s).
  • Staged Delivery
    • The delivery of equipment directly to the job site(s) on an “as needed” basis at the time of the equipment deployment. This service can be utilized when local storage concerns are an issue.
  • Legacy Equipment Disposal
    • Safe removal and recycling of unwanted legacy assets.
  • Equipment Removal/Return
    • Assisting with lease returns and equipment relocation or disposal.
  • Asset Tagging / Inventory Tracking
    • Tagging Information Technology for new and legacy assets and providing a detailed record of equipment serial numbers and services preformed based upon clients’ needs. This service is included in our pricing as a part of every project.
  • Relocation Services
    • Assisting clients with the relocation of Information Technology assets from one physical location to another.
  • Installations and De-Installations
    • The physical replacement of existing Information Technology assets or new office equipment.
  • Software Installations
    • The installation and/or configuration of software on existing or new systems.
  • Data Migration
    • The transfer of data, profiles, settings, etc. from the old asset to the new asset.
  • Hard Drive Disk Wipe
    • Department of Defense level hard drive erasure overwrites used to secure data on hard drives prior to disposal or a lease return.
  • System Upgrades
    • Adding or replacing internal add-on devices to your current systems.
  • Peripheral Installs
    • The installation and software configuration of additional printers, scanners, or other external devices.
  • Packaging Removal
    • Penn Tech Deployments will remove all packing materials from your site on a daily basis. We recycle all cardboard; foam and plastic is disposed of by a professional waste removal company.